ACE Subcommittees

ACE has several committees under its auspices. These subcommittees are listed below, along with their chairs. Each item on the list is a link to the webpage specific to a particular subcommittee. The contents of the subcommittee webpages will be determined by the respective chairs.

1) LGM/deglacial/Holocene. Chair: Mike Bentley, Durham University, UK
2) Pleistocene. Chair: Tim Naish, Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences, New Zealand
3) Middle Miocene-Pliocene. Chair: Alan Haywood, British Antarctic Survey, UK
4) Oligocene-Miocene. Chair: Rob DeConto, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA
5) Eocene/Oligocene. Chair: Jane Francis, University of Leeds, UK
6) Radio-echo sounding. Chair: Detlef Damaske, Federal Institute for Geoscience and Natural Resources, Germany
7) ANTscape Antarctic Paleotopographic Maps: Chairs P. Barrett and J. Francis .
to develop a set of around 6 paleotopographic base maps of Antarctica to represent key times in the last ~70 million years. The reconstructions, which may also include other paleogeographic data, are intended for use as inputs for the next generation of ice sheet-ice shelf models.:
8) Marine seismic (MS) subcommittee of ACE :
The ACE-MS subcommittee was established in 2006 to encourage the integration and acquisition of marine multichannel seismic data in Antarctica, and develop a common seismic stratigraphy and interpretational models for sedimentation on the Antarctic margin. The successful separate workshops of ROSSMAP in 2007 and CASP in 2008 fulfilled these objectives and the amalgamation into a coherent group is timely. Both groups have well-established links to the SDLS and have common objectives.